a. All health care professionals with active involvement in emergency care are eligible for membership.
b. Members of the EMSOG achieve said membership upon completion of a membership form and payment of the required annual membership fee.
c. Members may be:

i. FULL MEMBER: Any person involved in education, research and/or patient care in the field of emergency medicine can become a full member of the EMSOG. Full members must be a qualified EM Physician, EM Nurse or EMT from a recognized training institution or health workers specializing in any field within the scope of emergency medicine from a recognized training institution. Full members must be Ghanaian and/or practicing in Ghana. All full members must be duly registered and in good standing with their appropriate national regulatory bodies, e.g. MDC, GRNA, NAS, etc.
Full members pay membership fees, have voting rights and can stand for office.

ii.  JUNIOR MEMBERS: Junior Members are Fresh trainees, non-health workers, who are now pursuing a career in a field of emergency medicine from a recognized training institution. They would be required to pay a reduced amount as membership dues.

 iii. AFFILIATE MEMBER: Any person with an interest in emergency medicine can become an affiliate member of the EMSOG. Affiliate members pay membership fee, have no voting rights, and cannot hold executive management office positions.

 iv. HONORARY LIFE MEMBER: This may be awarded by the EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE to a person who excelled in furthering the objectives of the EMSOG. Such a member pays no dues, has no voting rights and may not hold office. Application for membership in this category must be in writing and must be proposed and seconded by two members of the EMSOG

Membership applications will be open soon.